How to Choose The Right Bluetooth Speaker in South Africa


A portable Bluetooth speaker is a must-have device for the summer. It’s a perfect outdoor companion for days at the beach, nights out by a bonfire and picnics in the park. Having said that, we also think a portable speaker is a great addition to any home for relaxing in the bath or working in the garden when your phone’s speakers just won’t cut it.

Most of us can’t afford a new speaker for each occasion, which means we need to look for one that’ll see us from the bath to the beach and everything in-between. That’s why we’ve put together this buying guide, which will help you find the right Bluetooth speaker for you. more…

The popularity of Bluetooth-capable speakers, especially in the portable speaker market, has skyrocketed. And it’s not surprising—these convenient and portable devices make listening to personal music libraries from any mobile device easy and fun. Music lovers can share their favorite tunes with the world anytime, anywhere, without worrying about tangling wires or finding an outlet to plug into. Aside from the obvious convenience of Bluetooth capability.

What are the benefit?

  • Portable Quality Audio: The core feature of Bluetooth speakers is their ability to play audio anywhere wirelessly, provided you have a Bluetooth audio device like a phone or media player. Bluetooth speakers are rapidly replacing bigger conventional sound systems in homes and offices.
  • Flexibility and Ease of Use: They might need multiple modules, different cables, fine placement and after all that, they’re hardly portable at all. You can even chain Bluetooth speakers together to create big stereo or surround sound rigs! Their flexibility as an audio device reigns supreme over other forms of speakers.
  • Affordable: Bluetooth speakers are affordable. Even the high end models won’t set you back anything like a pair of high end hifi speakers. you can easily grab some really good Bluetooth speakers for R500 or less here.
  • Weather Resistance: This is awesome as conventional speaker systems fail and die when subject to water, sand or drops and shocks – Bluetooth speakers bring music to places where conventional speakers can’t travel! Water and shock resistance isn’t just a tremendous boon for outside use but inside use too, no worrying about spilling drinks near audio equipment or speakers getting knocked of tables, etc. Remember to always check the water and shock resistance ratings. For more Details: Check Here
  • Connectivity options: Apart from the standard wireless connectivity, it is advisable to opt for a wired connection as well. Make sure your speaker comes with an auxiliary input or better known as ‘aux-in. A microphone is another smart feature you must look for in a Bluetooth speaker as it enables you to answer calls directly through the Bluetooth speaker.
  • Rugged Durability: Some speakers are built not only to withstand the weather but also to outlast a little more than the usual wear and tear. Huawei Soundstone Portable Bluetooth Speaker comes with 10m stable Bluetooth® connection and braided lanyard for easy portability
  • Size: The best wireless speakers are ones you’ll use again and again, so there’s no use buying a large, heavy one if you want to easily move it around or take it outside. However, smaller speakers tend to have lower maximum volumes and – with some exceptions – lower sound quality, so you’ll need to find a compromise that works best for you Read more
  • Portable and powerful: Truly portable speakers should be small and lightweight with good battery life. it should be convenient to carry around and have sufficient battery life to last through at least a day’s listening. However, smaller speakers will have a lower maximum volume and it’s more challenging to find one with good sound quality
  • Endurance: There are two scenarios when you use Bluetooth speakers, one is the desktop use, the other is outdoors use. We do not have to worry too much about the endurance of the desktop, but the battery life of outdoor use is very important, for example, we can share the music when go camping or travel. It would be very disappointing if the Bluetooth speaker just play two hours. So you need pay special attention to the battery life when you pick Bluetooth speakers in our range Here.

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