Notebook Laptop Battery HP CS-HPG240NB


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•240 G4 •240 G5 •245 G4 •246 G4 •250 G4 •255 G4 •256 G4 •Notebook 14 •Notebook 14g •Notebook 14q •Notebook 15 •Notebook 15g •Notebook 15q
•Pavilion 14G •Pavilion 14Q •Pavilion 15-AC000 •Pavilion 15-AC097TU •Pavilion 15-AC097UR •Pavilion 15-AC098NIA •Pavilion 15-AC098NX
•Pavilion 15-AC098TU •Pavilion 15-AC098UR •Pavilion 15-AC099NIA •Pavilion 15-AC099TU •Pavilion 15-AC099UR •Pavilion 15-AC100
•Pavilion 15-AC100ND •Pavilion 15-AC100NF •Pavilion 15-AC100NI •Pavilion 15-AC100NIA •Pavilion 15-AC198TU •Pavilion 15-ac198TX
•Pavilion 15-ac199ne •Pavilion 15-ac199nia •Pavilion 15-ac199TU •Pavilion 15-ac199TX •Pavilion 15-ac199ur •Pavilion 15-ac500
•Pavilion 15-ac501TU •Pavilion 15-ac502TU •Pavilion 15-ac503TU •Pavilion 15-ac504TU •Pavilion 15-ac505TU •Pavilion 15-ac506TU
•Pavilion 15-ac600 •Pavilion 15-ac600ur •Pavilion 15-ac601TU •Pavilion 15-ac601TX •Pavilion 15-ac602TU •Pavilion 15-ac602TX
•Pavilion 15-ac603TU •Pavilion 15-ac603TX •Pavilion 15-ac604TU •Pavilion 15-ac604TX •Pavilion 15-ac605TU •Pavilion 15-ac606TU
•Pavilion 15-ac607TU •Pavilion 15-ac608TU •Pavilion 15-af087nw •Pavilion 15-af091ng •Pavilion 15-af093ng •Pavilion 15-af100
•Pavilion 15-af100na •Pavilion 15-af100nc •Pavilion 15-af100nf •Pavilion 15-af100nia •Pavilion 15G •Pavilion 15g-ad000
•Pavilion 15g-ad001TX •Pavilion 15g-ad002TX •Pavilion 15g-ad003TX •Pavilion 15g-ad004TX •Pavilion 15g-ad005TX •Pavilion 15g-ad006TX
•Pavilion 15g-ad007TX •Pavilion 15g-ad100 •Pavilion 15g-ad101TX •Pavilion 15g-ad102TX •Pavilion 15g-ad103TX •Pavilion 15g-ad104TX
•Pavilion 15g-ad105TX •Pavilion 15g-ad106TX •Pavilion 15g-ad107TX •Pavilion 15g-ad108TX •Pavilion 15g-ad109TX •Pavilion 15g-ad110TX
•Pavilion 15Q •Pavilion 15q-aj000 •Pavilion 15q-aj001TX •Pavilion 15q-aj002TX •Pavilion 15q-aj003TX •Pavilion 15q-aj004TX
•Pavilion 15q-aj005TX •Pavilion 15q-aj006TX •Pavilion 15q-aj100 •Pavilion 15q-aj101TX •Pavilion 15q-aj102TX •Pavilion 15q-aj103TX
•Pavilion 15q-aj104TX •Pavilion 15q-aj105TX •Pavilion 15q-aj107TX •Pavilion 15q-aj108TX •Pavilion 15q-aj109TX •Pavilion 15q-aj110TX
•Pavilion 15q-aj111TX •Pavilion 15T-AC000 •Pavilion 15T-AC100 •Pavilion 15Z-AF000
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•807611-131 •807611-141 •807611-421 •807611-831 •807612-131 •807612-141 •807612-421 •807612-831 •807956-001 •807957-001 •HS03 •HS03031-CL
Item No.:CS-HPG240NB
Dimension:273.92 x 38.90 x 20.72mm
EAN Code:4894128113157
Net Weight:205g / 7.23oz
Gross Weight:350g / 12.35oz

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