Notebook Laptop Battery HP CS-HDM130NB


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•Pavilion DM1-3000 •Pavilion DM1-3000au •Pavilion DM1-3001au •Pavilion DM1-3002au •Pavilion DM1-3003au •Pavilion DM1-3004au •Pavilion DM1-3005au
•Pavilion DM1-3005xx •Pavilion DM1-3006au •Pavilion DM1-3007au •Pavilion DM1-3010 •Pavilion DM1-3010AU •Pavilion DM1-3010nr •Pavilion DM1-3014au
•Pavilion DM1-3015au •Pavilion DM1-3016au •Pavilion DM1-3017au •Pavilion DM1-3018au •Pavilion DM1-3020us •Pavilion DM1-3022au •Pavilion DM1-3023nr
•Pavilion DM1-3025dx •Pavilion DM1-3040ca •Pavilion DM1-3060la •Pavilion DM1-3070la •Pavilion DM1-3080la •Pavilion DM1-3090la •Pavilion DM1-3100
•Pavilion DM1-3100eo •Pavilion DM1-3100er •Pavilion DM1-3100ev •Pavilion DM1-3100sa •Pavilion DM1-3100sb •Pavilion DM1-3101ea •Pavilion DM1-3101eg
•Pavilion DM1-3101eo •Pavilion DM1-3101sg •Pavilion DM1-3105ez •Pavilion DM1-3110eb •Pavilion DM1-3110en •Pavilion DM1-3110eo •Pavilion DM1-3110ew
•Pavilion DM1-3110ez •Pavilion DM1-3113ee •Pavilion DM1-3113se •Pavilion DM1-3120e •Pavilion DM1-3121es •Pavilion DM1-3125ed •Pavilion DM1-3125sd
•Pavilion DM1-3130eb •Pavilion DM1-3130ef •Pavilion DM1-3130ej •Pavilion DM1-3130sf •Pavilion DM1-3130sj •Pavilion DM1-3135sf •Pavilion DM1-3170la
•Pavilion DM1-3180eg •Pavilion DM1-3185eg •Pavilion DM1-3200 •Pavilion DM1-3200au •Pavilion DM1-3200er •Pavilion DM1-3200et •Pavilion DM1-3200sb
•Pavilion DM1-3200sd •Pavilion DM1-3200st •Pavilion DM1-3201au •Pavilion DM1-3202au •Pavilion DM1-3203au •Pavilion DM1-3205au •Pavilion DM1-3206au
•Pavilion DM1-3210au •Pavilion DM1-3210ez •Pavilion DM1-3210us •Pavilion DM1-3211au •Pavilion DM1-3213au •Pavilion DM1-3214au •Pavilion DM1-3214nr
•Pavilion DM1-3215au •Pavilion DM1-3216au •Pavilion DM1-3223se •Pavilion DM1-3231sf •Pavilion DM1-3240ca •Pavilion DM1-3245ca •Pavilion DM1-3248ca
•Pavilion DM1-3260la •Pavilion DM1-3265la •Pavilion DM1-3270la •Pavilion DM1z-3000 •Pavilion DM1z-3200 •Probook 3105M
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•626869-321 •626869-851 •628419-001 •A2Q94AA •GB06 •GB06055-CL •HSTNN-E05C •HSTNN-OB2D •HSTNN-YB2D •XQ504AA •XQ504AA#ABB
Item No.:CS-HDM130NB
Dimension:204.89 x 61.66 x 23.64mm
EAN Code:4894128072751
Net Weight:
Gross Weight:350g / 12.35oz
AreaTime PeriodFee
Gauteng Three Working DaysR70.00
Rest Of South AfricaFour Working DaysR70.00

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Notebook Laptop Battery HP CS-HDM130NB