Increasing shopper trust in e-commerce.

19.04.03 - Business Desk

Day by day, a growing number of folks are shopping online but before purchasing any item it is important to check online review there may be fake review also. Shopping here is so much simpler and fun with a wide selection of products at value for money costs. When you’re shopping online, you just will need to ensure you do so on a safe network that encrypts your personal information, like your credit card number, before submitting your purchase.

In the twenty first century, online shopping has gotten very popular, particularly with the lifestyles of business people that are always busy and are searching for a handy method to shop. It is a convenient way to buy almost anything from the comfort of your home.

The process of selling online

The process of selling online, again depends on the model and nature of business you are involved in. There’s really no hard and fast rule or one-size-fits-all process to selling online. You have to evaluate the uniqueness of your own business and the peculiarities of your own situation through the guidance of an expert, coach or mentor. Only then, can the most suitable process be developed for you.

Subjects like security on the web, whilst shopping is still formulating a few of potential clientele reticent. In the most recent two to three decades, internet shopping has observed a terrific expansion and it has changed the way of shopping of the ordinary people. While doing it check the final price, as the shipping charges may not be added in the product price and the display price may differ.

Security should be of the utmost importance

According to cyber-security experts, the best method to ensure that an e-commerce platform is safe from cyber crimes is by going for a multi factor authentication mechanism. Adding layers to the security protocol makes the security tougher to breach, and the violation endeavour more time-consuming.

This, in turn, discourages hackers from targeting your e-commerce website.

For instance, a firewall for the website’s server is common and necessary. However, it is wise to enhance its utility by preparing a detailed contact form and necessitating strong passwords from registered users that contain combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.


The role that customer play when comes to e-commerce

The customer is firmly in the driving seat and with it comes a required change in how you build and nurture relationships with potential and existing customers. Customer centric is a way of doing business with your customer in a way that provides a positive customer experience before and after the sale in order to drive repeat business, customer loyalty and profits. Customer centricity is not just about offering great customer service, it means offering a great experience from the awareness stage, through the purchasing process and finally through the post-purchase process. It’s a strategy that’s based on putting your customer first, and at the core of your business.

Advantages of online shopping are:

  • No need to visit any mall, just click and add stuff to your shopping cart any time.
  • Saves time- as one can shop in office, while travelling …we shop whenever we feel like shopping.
  • Online shops are best for discreet purchases.
  • Scroll down various options at one time.
  • Compare & shop simultaneously.
  • Convenient and best option for busy people.
  • It’s never crowded at all. No distractions, only shopping.
  • For ladies no physical exertion and shop till your data pack lasts.
  • No long queues during festival seasons at billing counters.
  • Heavy discounts by many online shopping sites to attract and engage shopaholics.

Disadvantage of Online shopping are:

  • Over spending many times.
  • It is tempting and we spend loads of time on online shopping.
  • Quality of products are not assured many times.
  • Problems with refund policy on many sites.
  • Delays in delivery & also product is not delivered at many places.
  • The Real Hidden Costs- Shipping charges pinches many time.
  • On line payments leads to virtual pick pocketing many times.


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