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Whether you like it or not, Christmas season is already here. For many, this is the time for last minute shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Also a time full of stress, sweat, and tears as we prepare for festive holiday celebrations with family and friends.

Christmas Gifts Guidelines

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be overwhelming and stressful. Many people go online for inspiration, so posting a ready-made gift guide is exactly what they need.

It is important to follow these guidelines when buying a Christmas presents a partner, family member, friends and co-workers.

Christmas season can get expensive

Buying one gift for one person may not seem like a big deal, but if you have a large family or a few kids, the gifts and the costs can add up fast.

One alternative option is to use the four gift rule for your family this Christmas. The four gift rule essentially helps you save money by limiting the number of gifts you purchase for others.

How the Four Gift Guidelines Works

The four gift guidelines is a pretty simple method that breaks up the gifts you get for someone into four core categories:

  • Something they want
  • Something they need
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read

Examples of Guidelines for:

Young Kids 

  • Art set, Legos, action figures, life-size doll (want)
  • Bike helmet, sports gear, coat, bigger shoes, comforter set with new sheets (need)
  • Dress up clothes, watch, outfit (wear)
  • Storybooks, chapter book series (read)


  • Phone, video game, movies, digital camera, concert tickets (want)
  • Laptop or tablet for school, journal, new glasses (need)
  • Sweater, jeans, jewellery, hat, retail gift card (wear)
  • Magazine, self-help book, fiction series (read)

Make a Christmas budget

You saw this one coming, right? No shocker here: We are reminding you to do your Christmas budget, again. Take some time to think about all your Christmas expenses and decide exactly how much you will spend.

Make a plan and don’t blow it! Avoid all the impulse spending, and when you max out your budget, that’s it. You are done.

Be sure to include all the parties you want to go to and the cost of gifts, food and decorations. Despite all of the holiday vibes, stick to your plan no matter what! If you haven’t done your budget yet, what are you waiting for? Get our free budgeting tool, it can help you stay on track to meet your goals this Christmas.

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